November - Dolphin Month

This month, we will be paying special attention to the cetaceans in Black Sea, their importance and research methods.

There are three species of cetacean mammals in Black Sea. They have evolved as endemic species due to the isolated and semi-enclosed nature of the sea. These mammals include Black Sea bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus ponticus), Black Sea common dolphin (Delphinus delphis ponticus) and Black Sea harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena relicta).

The Black Sea cetaceans are subject of protection by a number of international agreements and the Biological Diversity Act. Currently, a total of 14 marine protected areas - part of the NATURA 2000 pan-European ecological network, include the conservation of cetaceans in their subject matter and objectives.
These include: “Aladzha Banka” (BG0001500), Aheloy - Ravda - Nessebar (BG0000574), “Galata” (BG0000103), Lake Durankulak (BG0000154), Lake Shabla-Ezeretz (BG0000621), Emine-Irakli (BG0001004), Emona (BG0001501) (BG0000116), Complex Kaliakra (BG0000573), Shkorpilovtsi Beach (BG0000100), “Gradina-Zlatna Ribka” Beach (BG0000146), Ropotamo (BG0001001), Otmanli (BG0001502) and Strandja (BG0001007).

Our work:
Green Balkans has been implementing a program for the study and conservation of cetacean mammals since 2005, which includes research and data collection, capacity building and public awareness raising. Research activities include:
-Expeditions for studying cetacean mammals in Bulgarian territorial waters;
-Gathering information on stranded cetaceans;
-Photo-identification of cetaceans;
-Mitigating the impact of fishing on cetaceans;
-Educational activities and public events.

How you can help:
-By participating in cetacean mammal exploration activities - contacts: Dimitar Popov, Project Manager - e-mail: dpopov@greenbalkans.org;
-By collecting information - on stranded cetaceans or observations that you can enter into the Black Sea Watch online application;
-By engaging in information activities to promote cetaceans. Contacts here;
- Donate to conservational and educational activities.

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