Our team joined the official opening of the Stara Zagora Zoo

At the end of last week our team joined the opening of the renovated Stara Zagora zoo. A lot of curious, enthusiastic new visitors came to see the new looks of the local zoo and also learned more about protected species in our country. Green Balkans joined the event to tell more about the work we do.

Citizens, guests, students and many friends were welcomed by our team and volunteers from the Trakia University. The kestrel Vladko, Misho the buzzard, Blaga the Little owl, the Tawny Owl Chara and the Indian Eagle-owl Mia welcomed all and helped us tell them about the species we save at the Green Balkans Wildife Rescue Centre. We also talked about some of the species we have managed to reintroduce into our country, like the Lesser Kestrel, the Saker Falcon and vultures, some of our educational activities as well as our work in the field. We managed to introduce our active projects like “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons”and “Life for Falcons“ implemented with the contribution of the Life programme of the EU.

Visitors were keen to learn how we impact wildlife through our special project with Lidl Bulgaria „Cleaner nature today, tomorrow, forever” with special models of a real-life stork nest.
We didn’t forget to bring our “Live-model exhibition” with real life-like models of Lesser Kestrel, Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture and Cetaceans and the dangers they face because of pollution.

We’d like to thank the Stara Zagora Municipality for their invitation as well as all visitors who were keen to learn more about our work. A big thank you to our volunteers who joined and actively helped us realize the event and answered all questions.
We are hopeful to continue our long-term relationship with the Stara Zagora Zoo and together to manage to help people become more aware and careful with wildlife.

All activities were implemented within the “Cleaner nature today, tomorrow, forever” project, part of the biggest social initiative of Lidl Bulgaria – ‘You and Lidl for better life’ in partnership with the ‘Workshop for civic initiatives foundation’ and Bulgarian Donors Forum.

With the help of:
Green Balkans
Hobby Tv
Natura 2000