Premiere – green outdoor screenings in Stara Zagora

The green outdoor screenings in Stara Zagora are now accessible to all the citizens and guests of Stara Zagora!
The premiere event took place yesterday in the very center of the city, because the street beamer is installed on the western facade of State opera Stara Zagora. After the official presentation of project “NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria – NEW NORIZONS”, within which the initiative was realized, the street beamer was activated and the projections started.
Videos and movies of Green Balkans and other environmental organizations, related to nature conservation and rare and protected animal species, realized by the project partners: Darik Radio, Hobby TV and Economedia will be broadcasted every evening. The most significant moments of our work will be accessible to the wide audience and unique videos will introduce the wild nature in the everyday life of the municipal city.
Furthermore, State opera Stara Zagora, who were among our general contributors in the realization of this activity, will have the opportunity to show videos from their program, which will contribute to the cultural life of the city. Protobulgarian school of survival BagaTur, which is one of the prides of the city, will also be properly respected. One of the general purposes of Green Balkans is to focus public’s attention on how to live in harmony with nature and with their past, to get to know our traditions and history. For that reason, we will be glad to present their videos, which are a reminder of the glory and bravery of Bulgarian nation in the past. They discuss topics of spirit, speech, thoughtfulness and discipline, virtues no nation can survive without.

Special thanks to Kremak Ltd. and in particular to Anton Tenev, Kalin Petkov and their team for they embraced the challenge to install the street beamer and despite the difficulties, they did a great job!
Huge thanks to State opera Stara Zagora, represented by Ognyan Draganov and his team for they welcomed the idea and provided the wall of the Opera for our purposes!
Thanks to the founder of Protobulgarian school of survival BagaTur and the leaders Yavor Ganchev and Goran Gunchev for their support and commitment!
And last but not least, thanks to Stara Zagora municipality for they allowed us to install the beamer on the State opera wall!

We are available for video streaming of important topics of public significance and we would like to invite the organizations to make inquiries!
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