The Pomorie city council approved the draft of the contract about the continuation of the Green Balkans information activities at the Pomorie Lake Visitor Centre

After our campaign and the received support from citizens and organisations from the ForTheNature Coalition, we are happy to share with you that the Pomorie city council responded to our requests for the continuation of our work at the Pomorie Lake Visitor Centre. With Council Decision 322/10.12.2020 we are granted free access to the Visitor Centre created by us, property of Pomorie Municipality. This will give us a chance to continue our educational and information activities, aimed at the conservation of the Pomorie Lake biodiversity. With the consent of the city councilors, the Green Balkans volunteers could use one of the rooms in the centre for storage of property and consumables necessary for information events and volunteer brigades, aimed at the lake biodiversity conservation.

We would like to thank all Bulgarian and foreign citizens as well as all organisations which supported our demands towards the Municipality. We are also grateful to all city councilors who voted in favor of the public interest.

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