The Sinite Kamani Natural Park celebrated its 38th birthday!

Every year on the 28th of November our colleagues at the Sinite kamani NPD celebrate one more year taking care of nature in the region. It was on this date, 38 ago, in 1998, that the National Forestry Board reorganized the Sinite kamani NP Management into the Sinite kamani NP Directorate. Ever since then our colleagues at the Sinite Kamani NPD have been working tirelessly for the protection and preservation of one of the country’s biggest treasures - the Sinite Kamani NP.

This year the Green Balkans team joined the celebrations with educational games on the rare species within the park’s territory. And since Sliven is one of the few places in Bulgaria with so many vultures we had to tell something more about these rare birds - another reason for the local people to be proud of their region. We were joined by the children from the ‘Bojur’ kindergarten, the ‘Panayot Hitov’ and the ‘Sv. Sv. Kiril and Methodi’ elementary schools. As it was after all a birthday, there was cake, and food, and the hosts along with the Green Balkans team gave away presents to everyone who came - books, badges, posters and balloons.

We would like to wish our colleagues from the Sinite kamani NP many more birthdays and to thank them for the collaboration during the years!

Additional information:
“Sinite kamani” Nature Park
The “Sinite kamani” Nature Park includes two protected areas part of the Natura 2000 network - Sinite Kamani SCI - BG0000164, declared under the Habitats Directive and Sinite Kamani - Grebenets SPA - BG0002058, declared under The Birds Directive. The park is home to 15 different species of invertebrates, 6 species of amphibians and reptiles, 16 species of mammals, 12 of which bats and 44 species of birds. There are 14 different natural habitats on its territory, all of which included in the Natura 2000 network.

There are four species of vultures in Europe - Griffon, Black, Egyptian and Bearded Vulture. All of them are strictly protected by Bulgarian and European legislation. As rare and valuable species, they fall under the protection of the European ecological network Natura 2000. Bulgaria is home to only three of them – the Griffon, Black and Egyptian Vulture. The Bearded Vulture - a symbol of Bulgarian nature protection is considered extinct from the country.

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