Today we announce all 15 finalists in the “Wild Chestnut” competition

The moment of truth has come and the long waited decision of the jury is made in the competition for GREEN journalism “Wild Chestnut” 2021.
The aim of the "Wild Chestnut" competition for GREEN journalism is to reward journalists with contribution to the coverage of topics about nature, Natura 2000, protected species and protected areas. The competition is divided into 5 categories:
• television
• radio
• print media
• online media
• blog

In the last months we received over 53 forms from citizens, nominating and evaluating the work of journalists, and from the journalists themselves who were covering topics about nature, Natura 2000 and biodiversity.
The jury has the difficult task to choose per 3 finalists from total 44 nominees in 5 categories, based on:
  •     Journalistic mastery and creative approach;
  •     Objectivity and reliability of the information sources;
  •     Scope of natural topics;
  •     Courage to work on difficult, unpopular or “forbidden” topics;
  •     Effect/Impact of the journalistic material/s.

The original authors’ materials were evaluated by an expert jury – the "Natura 2000 in Bulgaria - New Horizons" project team - Aneliya Pavlova, Green Balkans coordinator, Polina Hristova, Green Balkans communication officer, Anushka Eneva - Bg Top Music (Hobby TV), Marinela Velichkova - Coordinator Darik Radio (program coordinator of Darik Radio), Lyubomir Vassilev - Economedia Coordinator (Executive Director and Chairman of the Management Board of Capital Foundation).

Here are the names of the nominees and finalists:

Citizens’ journalism – blog/vlog category
Boryana Krasteva / https://patepisanici.com, Dario Dionisi / https://beyondsofia.com., Dimitar Blagoev Trenchev / FB, Rada Boneva / https://thriftsheep.com, Tatyana Garkavaya / https://insight-oriented.com
And the finalists: Dario Dionisi, Rada Boneva and Tatyana Garkavaya

Online media category
Viktoriya Simeonova, Gospodari.com, Gavrail Gavrailov, https://ecohub.bg, Desislava Botseva, lupa.bg, Irina Simeonova, bta.bg; Minka Paraskevova, https://www.cash.bg/, Mladea Germanova, bgnovost
And the finalists: Viktoriya Simeonova Gospodari.com; Gavrail Gavrialov, https://ecohub.bg; Irina Simeonova, bta.bg

Print media category
Velina Petkova, Agrovestnik; Diyan Bozhidarov, Sega; Liliya Lozanov, Agrovestnik;Plamena Petkova, Agrovestnik
And the finalists: Diyan Bozhidarov, Sega; Liliya Lozanov, Agrovestnik;Plamena Petkova, Agrovestnik

Radio category
Valeriya Nikolova – Horizont BNR Programme; Veneta Nikolova, BNR; Desislava Kracholova – Stara Zagora Radio, BNR; Dobromir Videv - Horizont BNR programme; Elena Encheva – Stara Zagora Radio, BNR; Elena Karkalanova – BNR; Zornitsa Garkova – Hristo Botev Programme, BNR; Irina Nedeva – Horizont BNR Programme; Karmen Manukyan – BNR Horizont, Noshten horizont; Milena Vodenicharova – Our day, Hristo Botev Programme, BNR; Monika Sartoneva – BNR Radio Stara Zagora; Olya Stoyanova – Hristo Botev Programme, BNR; Rumyana Vasileva - Horizont BNR Programme; Svetlana Dicheva, Gavrail Gavrailov - Horizont BNR Programme – Graffiti on the air; Spas Kraynin – Po Parvi Petli, Horizont BNR Programme.
And the finalists: Dobromir Videv - Horizont BNR programme; Zornitsa Garkova – Hristo Botev Programme; Svetlana Dicheva, Gavrail Gavrailov - Horizont BNR Programme – Graffiti on the air.

Category TV
George Manev – Nova TV reporter; Gergana Gaydarova – BNT; Dani Atanasova – BTV correspondent; Darina Koleva –BTV correspondent for Stara Zagora; Desi Malinova and Metodi Stoilov – BNT; Desislsava Petkova - BNT; Dobromir Nikolov and George Manev – Nova TV; Emil Mitev – BTV; Ivan Yanev – BNT correspondent; Irina Nikolova – BNT; Kameliya Evgenieva Karadocheva – Agro TV; Mirela Ivanova Spasova – Agro TV; Rumyana Stefanova – BNT; Silviya Rusinova – BNT.
And the finalists: Gergana Gaydarova – BNT; Emil Mitev – BTV; Kameliya Evgenieva Karadocheva – AgroTV.

We would like to thank for the participation to all citizens and journalists, who filled in the form for nomination! Congratulation to all 15 finalists – we will contact you additionally in order to tell you about the ceremony details.

The official ceremony for awarding one winner per each category – will be taken place on 8 August 2021 in Sliven. A Certificate of achievement in green journalism will be awarded to all finalists, and the winners (one per each category) will receive the “Wild Chestnut” plaque. In 2021, because of the ending of the “Bright Future for Black Vulture” project, it will be awarded an extra prize for covering the topic about vulture conservation.

The reward for 15 finalists will be experienced on 6-7-8 August 2021 by acquainting them with the activities for conservation of the target species under the “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons” project and “Bright future for Black Vulture” project. Experiencing and direct participation in the conservation activities of Green Balkans expects 15 journalists on 7 August, who will visit the protected zones from the Natura 2000 network near Kotel and Sliven.

Transport, accommodation and food for the period 6-7-8 August of all 15 finalists are provided.

*Media and their teams which are part of the jury – do not have the right to participate in the competition as nominees.

Elena Stoeva – project manager, tel.: +359887574699; e-mail: etilova@greenbalkans.org
Aneliya Pavlova – coordinator – tel.: +359899269576; e-mail: apavlova@greenbalkans.org

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