Valentina Paunova

Valentina Paunova – one of the economists in the organization is born in Plovdiv, where she completes her degree in the area of financial management in 2007. Her professional experience is from non-bank financial institutions and since 2015 is working as an “Expert in programs and projects”. She gets involved with the environmental work as she becomes member of the Green Balkans team. The economic education doesn’t prevent her from appreciating the nature conservation. Her opinion is that each component from nature has its own importance and the human progress should not be reason for the extinction of species from our flora and fauna.

We will most often see Valya wrapped in a scarf in front of her computer, and it’s not unusual for her to spend the cold winter days reading a nice book in a warm atmosphere. The more favorable seasons she spends for urban walks and when possible – trips to foreign lands.

On the “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons”project, Valya is overcoming everyday challenges in order to solve a variety of financial and administrative issues. Her position as a “Financial Manager” in the organization is more or less a team work, so the seemingly boring activity involving tables and numbers is actually diverse and engaging.
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