We Received More Than 300 Works for the Contest “Draw me a dolphin”!

There are more than 300 works in the two categories – painting and digital painting in three age groups. Due to huge interest from younger participants we had formed one more age group aimed at children below 12 years old. 
The distinguished participants and their works will be announced on 20th January. The evaluation will be carried out by a jury as follows:
  • Mincho Todorov – painting 
Mincho Todorov is an artist with 20 years’ experience. He deals with sculpture and woodcarving. Part of his work is workmanship of sculptures, and functional objects from natural materials. In recent years he has run a children’s art school at  “Sunlight Children Art Centre”. This summer he organized the first big exhibition of his students. 
  • More about Mincho Todorov's work in the video HERE
  • Sunlight Children
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  • Petya Karpuzova – painting
Petya Karpuzova graduated from the Southwest University “Neofit Rilski” with degree in Pedagogy and social format of fine arts, and ”Paisii Hilendarski” University of Plovdiv – “Biodiversity, ecology and conservation”. She strives to combine knowledge from these two areas - for easier understanding and widespread dissemination of modern problems threatening the environment and biodiversity. She used to be part of Green Balkans team as a volunteer; as an employee she worked on the project for the restoration of the Lesser Kestrel in Bulgaria.

  • Vanya Angelova- digital painting
She has a degree in “Ecology”at ”Paisii Hilendarski” University of Plovdiv. She has been observing and getting to know birds and nature in Bulgaria since she was student. In recent years, she has successfully combined raising her children with her current occupation – design and animation. She has animated children's books on rare and protected species in the country, a determinant of birds of prey and number of other information publications.

  • Ivaylo Gogov – digital painting
Ivaylo Gogov is an experienced leader with a strong passion for engineering, design and technology. He has degree in "Print Graphics", "Pedagogy of Fine Arts Education" and "Digital Arts". He teaches art and design,he has participated in numerous art workshops, programs and workshops in the country and abroad. Over the years he has had the opportunity to work, live and work in Washington (2006), Vienna (2009-2010), Vancouver, Seattle (2011-2012). He has implemented innovative projects for various large companies, and is currently part of the team of SAP Labs, Bulgaria.

  • Galina Meshkova – painting and digital painting
Galina Meshkova is an expert ecologist, specialist in the field of marine biology, with more than ten years of experience in working with seabirds and mammals.

All participants will receive certificate for participation. Those who excelled in the 1st and 2nd age groups of the respective category will receive the following awards:
1st place - dolphin print bag, mug, buff, information materials; 
2nd place - mug, buff, information materials;
3rd place - mug, information materials.

The award for the 3rd age group - adult participants, without age restrictions, will be participation in one of the expeditions to study cetaceans in the Black Sea, part of the conservation program of the Green Balkans!

The jury will award one of the best works in both categories - painting and digital painting, whose authors will spend a day on a real expedition to study the dolphins!

***The cetacean monitoring expeditions in the Black Sea are carried out by a vessel, and the team consists of Green Balkans experts and volunteers. The period of the expeditions is different, and those who excelled will be able to take part in the next year. 

The winners of all categories and age groups will be invited to participate in Green Balkans events, and all works will be published on the organization’s webpage of Natura 2000 project in Bulgaria – New Horizons, on Facebook and Instagram. The best digital video works will be broadcast on the wall of the State Opera - Stara Zagora.
The competition and the awarded works will be promoted by the media partners of the project - Darik, Hobby TV and Economedia.

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e-mail: phristova@greenbalkans.org
Elena Badeva – Communications specialist, Mob.: +359 878567940,
e-mail: ebadeva@greenbalkans.org

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