We celebrated International Black Sea Action Day

Yet another year we celebrated International Black Sea Action Day. The initiative was spread across several villages in the country.

On October 30, we marked the day together with students from “Hristo Botev” Primary School (Pomorie) and “Hristo Botev” Primary School (Aheloy) at the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center. The next day - October 31, we moved to the northernmost small town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, namely the village of Durankulak. There, the hosts of “Druzhba 1898” Community Center, the students from “St. Kliment Ohridski “ and residents of the village were expecting us.

The events programme included information in the form of a presentation and educational films about the history and geography of Black Sea, cetacean mammals in Black Sea, why marine NATURA 2000 sites are being declared and what they are, what are the threats to the Black Sea ecosystem and how we can claim responsibility for protecting it. In the more entertaining part, students had the opportunity to learn how to tie some of the major sailing knots and made dolphin and shark decorations. Of course, we finalized the event with fun games and a themed quiz with prizes - “Pomorie Lake” puzzles, NATURA 2000 board games, cardboard models of birds and more.

You can find more photos from the event here and here.

On October 31, a lecture on “Dolphins in the Black Sea” was held at the Regional Natural History Museum of Plovdiv. Dimitar Popov, a Green Balkans expert and head of the Cetacean Mammal Conservation and Research Program in Black Sea, presented up-to-date and curious information about the populations of the three species occurring in Black Sea as well as the methods for their study.

And again at the Regional Natural History Museum of Plovdiv, on November 1 we celebrated the Black Sea Action Day with children and their parents. The event began with information about Black Sea and the dolphins, went through sailing knots, games and an art workshop, a quiz with prices and ended with the screening of the WIND2WIN movie "Sea of ​​the Wind", which presents the challenge of two Bulgarian surfers and the cause for a cleaner sea.

Photos on our Facebook album here.

And since the event coincided with one of the brightest Bulgarian holidays - the National Revival Leaders Day, we used the opportunity and handed volunteer certificates to the participants in the Green Balkans Volunteer Academy who acquired knowledge and skills during the last month.

We would like to thank the management of “Hristo Botev” Primary School (Pomorie) and the 6th and 7th grade students who illustrated great results of the teaching staff daily efforts. We thank the management of “Hristo Botev” Elementary School (Aheloy), “Druzhba - 1898” Community Center, the village of Durankulak and the “St. Kliment Ohridski" Primary School (Durankulak) who are open to all our initiatives, to the Regional Natural History Museum of Plovdiv - our partners and hosts once again, and last but not least - the WIND2WIN team.

For additional information:
Polina Hristova - Communication Specialist - mobile: +359 882508721; email: phristova@greenbalkans.org
Svetlozara Kazandzhieva - Public Relations - Regional Natural History Museum of Plovdiv -  mobile: +359 886120449; email: svetlozara.k@gmail.com

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