We celebrated the World Environment Day with a presentation about vultures

During the week we met the 2nd grade students and their teachers Mrs Tanchovska and Mrs Elenska from “Elin Pelin” Primary School. Despite the fact that our main topic of speaking was the vultures, at the meeting we celebrated the World Environment Day as well.

The “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons” project team prepared a presentation for the Griffon and the Bearded Vultures. However, we decided to add information for the other species which are living in Bulgaria – the Egyptian and the Black Vultures.

Students learned the reasons why vultures decreased in numbers and why some of them became extinct entirely. Also, they were told how Green Balkans works for their conservation and return into the wild.

In the end, we decided to create a cheerful atmosphere for everyone that is why we started playing the Natura 2000 board game which shows species, subject to conservation in the ecological network.

Lastly, we all took a group photo so that we could remember this pleasant day.

We would like to thank our hosts for the kind hospitality!

Additional information:
Natura 2000
Natura 2000 is the largest coordinated network for nature conservation. More than 30% of the territory of Bulgaria falls within the scope of the network - 120 areas for the protection of wild birds and 234 areas for the protection of natural habitats.

Griffon Vulture
Widespread and numerous in the past, at the end of the last century the Griffon Vulture had only 1-2 active nests restricted to the Eastern Rhodopes. Thanks to the efforts of conservation organizations, today the population of the species is growing and we can see it in the Balkan Mountains, Eastern Rhodopes and Kresna. The species and its habitats are protected by the Natura 2000 ecological network.

Bearded Vulture
The Bearded Vulture - protected within the Natura 2000 ecological network. A symbol of Bulgarian nature protection, sadly extinct from the Bulgarian fauna since the 1960s. Its former habitats are protected within the Natura 2000 network.

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