We got the Saker falcons ready for winter and the upcoming breeding season

Yesterday at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre, we conducted a prophylactic medical examination of all Saker falcons from the breeding program.

Prophylactic examinations are carried out before and after the birds’ breeding season in order to monitor their health and to be able to complete the necessary cosmetic procedures in a timely manner - sawing their beaks and nails and decontamination.

The cells where the birds live must also be repaired and cleaned periodically. As usual, we have combined this activity with the examination.

Once again volunteers, namely students from the National Professional School of Veterinary Medicine "Ivan Pavlov" (Stara Zagora) and university students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Thracian University (Stara Zagora), were there to help. In addition to being actively involved in all activities, they also had the opportunity to learn first-hand about some of the features of wild birds treatment.

Currently, Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre’s breeding program has 23 Saker falcons. We began the breeding season with 9 breeding pairs, 4 of which created a generation last year.

The "Bringing Back the Saker Falcon to Bulgaria" activities by Green Balkans are carried out with the financial assistance of Armeec Insurance JSC.

The information activities for the Saker falcon are carried out with the support of the project:

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