Methods for sustainable forest management
Handbooks and other materials

Potential measures in Elatia forest - Nikolaos Grigoriadis, Forest Research Institute Thessaloniki and Stavros Kehagioglou, Forester at Forest Service Drama, Vice President of the management body of the National Park Rodopi Mountain Range 1 Mb
Evaluation of conservation status and forest management in managed and unmanaged (NATURA2000) forests - Nikolaos Grigoriadis, Nikolaos Grigoriadis Forest Research Institute, Thessaloniki 3 Mb
Strategies for usage of the forests and forestry resources in accordance with Natura 2000 - Dr. Reinhold Schaal, Ministry for Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg 1 Mb
Natura 2000 and types of forest habitats in Bulgaria – Eng. Dobromira Dimova (in Bulgarian) 3 Mb
Inventory and management of dead wood in the forests – Dr. Stanislav Lazarov (in Bulgarian) 4 Mb
Forest certification – Eng. D. Dimova and Dr. St. Lazarov (in Bulgarian) 871 Kb
Dead wood – ancient woodland – an introduction - Dr. Axel Ssymank, Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Bonn Unit Natura 2000 2 Mb
Natura 2000 implementation in forests in Germany - Dr. Axel Ssymank, Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Bonn Unit Natura 2000 3 Mb
Nature conservation and deadwood conception in Bavaria - Boris Mittermeier, Bavarian Forest Administration 4 Mb
Implementation of Natura 2000 in Bavarian Forest Management - Boris Mittermeier, Bavarian Forest Administration 5 Mb
Aspects of sustainable forest management in Natura 2000 sites in Greece - Nikolaos Grigoriadis and Savvas Grigoriadis, Forest Research Institute, Thessaloniki 5 Mb
Forest management in Natura 2000. Forest policy from Greece to other EU countries - Dr. Peri Kourakli, BirdLife Greece 519 Kb
Management of dead wood in SFU Trigrad - eng. Zaharina Baklareva 1 Mb