Target groups
1. Employees of Regional Forestry Directorate Smolyan,
2. Foresters from the State Forestry Units in Smolyan region,
3. Municipal foresters responsible for municipal forests management,
4. Private forest owners,
5. Companies developing forestry management plans for the SFUs in Smolyan region,
6. Experts from Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water-Smolyan,
7. Representatives of municipal administrations in Smolyan region,
8. Local business,
9. Representatives of local NGOs and civil society,
10. Representatives of Forestry Executive Agency (FEA).

Beneficiaries of the project actions will be: FEA, RFD Smolyan, SFUs in Smolyan region, Smolyan Regional Administration and municipalities, private forest owners and business, NGO and local communities in general.