Project goal and objectives:
The main goal of the current project idea is:
Conservation and Sustainable Management of forests within the NATURA 2000 sites in Bulgaria

The project objectives are:
To contribute for synchronization of the forestry practices with the conservation objectives of the NATURA 2000.
To contribute for establishment of local capacity for management of NATURA 2000 sites.
To start up a constructive dialogue and interaction amongst the stakeholders in the direction of joint management of SCI “Tsigansko gradishte”.
Grounds of the Project Idea:


Forestry is among the most important economic activities in the whole socio-economic development of Smolyan region.
To guarantee that the development of the sector will happen in accordance with the European environmental legislation, it is necessary that the forestry activities are synchronized with the conservation objectives of the NATURA 2000 sites. This will also guarantee the preservation of the forests’ multifunction: biodiversity conservation, support of forest ecosystems productivity, conservation and support of soil and water resources, preserving the contribution of the forests in the global carbon cycle, preserving and increasing the long-term benefits for covering the community’s needs.

In general the geographic area where Smolyan region falls is very important for conservation of Brown bear (Ursus arctos) population in Bulgaria and Greece. It preserves extensive conifer and mixed forests that have important ecological functions for protection of water supply areas as well as for support of globally important biological diversity.

The forests in this region are of the best preserved forests in Bulgaria. Thus, we consider that thanks to the good traditions and professionalism of the local foresters, namely here very fast and easily the conservation objectives of NATURA 2000 will be integrated into the forestry management and the project results will serve as a model for other regions.