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Urgent Measures for Restoration and Conservation of Species and Habitats of European Significance within Pomorie Lake Complex of Protected Natural Areas
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Environmental Management and Conservation in Mediterranean Saltworks and Coastal Lagoons


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Life for Pomorie Lagoon

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[ 11.09.2020 ] How we celebrated the International Vulture Awareness Day 2020 The International Vulture Awareness Day is an international initiative aimed at informing the general public about the importance of these interesting and unknown to many of us birds. See how Green Balkans marked the ecological date this year.
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[ 09.09.2020 ] ​Birds, sun, work, sea and a lake - the "Pomorie Lake" Volunteer Work Brigade 2020
Оver 40 volunteers from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia and France took part in activities aimed at supporting the inhabitants of Pomorie Lake during September 1-8. 

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[ 08.09.2020 ] Volunteers of Pomorie 2020 Conservation holiday were introduced to BioLearn project In the past week the anniversary 25th conservation holiday at Pomorie Lake was held. More than 20 volunteers from Bulgaria, France, Ukraine and Russia joined forces for conservation of the protected areas complex. 
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[ 01.09.2020 ] Join the Green Balkans volunteer brigade at Pomorie Lake this September It is time for the annual Green Balkans Volunteer Brigade at the Pomorie Lake.
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[ 01.09.2020 ] ​Green Balkans made a partnership proposal tо the Pomorie mayor during the opening ceremony of the nature protection brigade in “Pomorie Lake” Vistor Centre
During the opening ceremony for the 25th "Pomorie Lake" 2020 Nature Protection Brigade, Green Balkans presented to the Mayor of Pomorie, Mr. Alexiev, a proposal for joint management of the Pomorie Lake Center in line with his expressed readiness to the media.

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[ 23.08.2020 ] ​Green Balkans announces Open days at the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center
Green Balkans announces open days at the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center from Monday (August 24) to Sunday (September 6). 

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[ 22.08.2020 ] Green Balkans has 14 days to leave the Pomorie Lake Vistor Center
Despite the stated willingness to give a reasonable time to the Green Balkans NGO to leave the Pomorie Lake Vistor Center, this Friday we received an official letter from the Pomorie Mayor giving us 14 days to vacate the Center.

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[ 22.08.2020 ] ​The 100 National Tourist Sites in Bulgaria go back to 99!
In this ironic way, the Green Balkans team alerted the public of an extremely serious issue - the real danger for one of the 100 National Tourist Sites -  № 6b – Pomorie Lake Visitor Center to be destroyed as such. 

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[ 17.08.2020 ] ​Green Balkans are forced to leave the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center!
Green Balkans would like to inform all friends and associates of the organization and all people who care about the Pomorie Lake and its fate..

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[ 14.08.2020 ] Information event on the biodiversity of "Pomorie Lake" protected area, part of Natura 2000
An information event about Pomorie Lake birds and a board game about the lake and its inhabitants - birds, insects, fish, mammals and plants were held in the "Pomorie Lake" Visitor Center on Saturday’s late afternoon.

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