Pomorie Lake – Conservation, Restoration, and Sustainable Management
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Urgent Measures for Restoration and Conservation of Species and Habitats of European Significance within Pomorie Lake Complex of Protected Natural Areas
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Environmental Management and Conservation in Mediterranean Saltworks and Coastal Lagoons


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Life for Pomorie Lagoon

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“The Magic of the Pomorie Lake” EcoFest “The Magic of the Pomorie Lake” EcoFest Green Balkans’ initiative – “The Magic of the Pomorie Lake” EcoFest, was launched in August 2008. The organizers had the ambition to turn the eco-festival into one of the most exciting traditional events related to the Pomorie Lake.

The first two editions of the festival in 2008 and 2009 stirred great interest among local communities and the guests of Pomorie and its surroundings at the end of the summer tourist season.

The first two editions of the EcoFest were supported by the Global Environmental Facility, the World Bank, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Sofia, the European Commission, the Democracy Commission of the US Embassy in Bulgaria, and the media partnership of Darik Radio – Burgas, Jazz FM, FM Lounge, and Radio Bravo.

In 2008, the Festival was opened by Mr. Florian Fichtl, World Bank Country Manager for Bulgaria, and Mrs. Valentina Fidanova, Member of the Managing Board of Green Balkans NGO and initiator of the EcoFest. In 2009, the opening ceremony involved special addresses by Mr. Karel van Kesteren, Ambassador of the Netherlands, Miss Antoniya Petrova, Miss Bulgaria 2009, Mrs. Stefka Angelova, Municipal Councilor, Mr. Rumen Zhelev, Director of the Regional Forestry Board – Burgas, Mr. Ivan Alexiev, Member of Parliament, etc.

One of the main ideas of the EcoFest is the establishment of a new tourist product in the region of Pomorie, emphasizing the extremely rich natural resources of the lake, which have never before been used and managed in terms of eco-tourism.

The lake resources that allow for development of eco-tourism and SPA tourism include the great biodiversity and the medicinal mud, as well as the production of salt, which is traditional for the saline lagoon and determines the strong bond between the local people and this ecologically valuable site.

In this regard, the Festival aims mainly at attracting and focusing the public attention on the natural resources of the lake and the necessity of preserving the lagoon for the generations to come.

Therefore, two of the most important and obligatory events of the Festival are watching the birds in the lake through special optic equipment provided by Green Balkans, and the traditional photo safari that gives keen photographers and nature-lovers the chance to explore some of the most interesting parts of the lake and their inhabitants.

Most of the Festival is concentrated in an “Outdoor Exhibition” organized on the bank of the lake in the green area near the Salt Museum. The exhibition presents some of the main products of the lake, such as salt production, cosmetics and SPA, as well as production of local fruit-growers, honey-makers, and wine-producers.

The major exhibitors also include: Directorates of Bulgaria’s Nature Parks, Directorates of Italian and Romanian Nature Parks preserving valuable wetlands, and big tour agencies and associations, offering possibilities for eco-tourism and extreme tourism in Bulgaria.

Green Balkans NGO expresses its gratitude to all participants in the event: volunteers of the Organization, Pomorie Municipality and Pomorie Municipal Council, Salt Museum, Pomorie Grand Hotel, “Alen Mak” Company, Specialized Rehabilitation Hospitals – Pomorie branch, salt producers – “Pomoriyski solnici” JSC and ”Solari-98” Ltd., “Teodora” Gallery, Museum of History – Pomorie, ”Clean Sea” Society, Association of Parks in Bulgaria and Nature Parks Directorates, Directorate of Po Delta Park – Italy, Constanta Marine Reserve – Romania, Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism, “Adrenalin” Extreme Sports Club, Spacia Wildlife and Pandeon, “Orli” Balloon Club, Green School Village, ”Green Coast” Foundation and Guest House – Kableshkovo with the soft drinks kiosk, music and dance formations from Pomorie, etc.

One of the highlights of the second edition of the Festival was a diverse range of ecological workshops – ranging from handmade sandals and jewelry to an eco-home built of clay. In addition, the thematic exhibition of the EC Representation in Bulgaria dedicated to climate change was also presented within the Pomorie Lake EcoFest. The demonstration of the medicinal properties of the lake’s mud was of particular interest. The professional photographers that took part in a photo plain air took amazing wildlife pictures. 2

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