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The project “Pomorie Lake – Conservation, Restoration, and Sustainable Management” - GEF MSP TF 054774 was supported by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and the World Bank to contribute to the sustainable management of the Pomorie Lake and the wetland ecosystem through conservation and restoration of biological diversity and sustainable natural resource use.

The project developed by Green Balkans NGO is implemented (2005-2010) in partnership with the Municipality of Pomorie and the Ministry of Environment and Water.

This is Bulgaria’s second GEF-funded project administered by the World Bank after “Wetland Restoration and Pollution Reduction in the Danube Region” project. The two projects provide direct support for conservation of wetlands and their biodiversity, encourage sustainable natural resource use and development of ecotourism, and promote sustainable economic growth.

The project feasibility study, called PDF A phase (2004), involved: Assessment of the hydrological status and the applicability of alternative hydraulic and engineering restoration structures; Planning of activities for conservation, habitat restoration, and biodiversity and natural resource management; Assessment of socio-economic and legal considerations related to natural resources and protected area management.

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